Unlock the Power of Your Dreams
with Kelly E. Keough
Shamanic Dream Medium

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Unlock your dream power now. Let go of the old and receive the new. Dreaming is for YOU. 

Hi! I’m your dream instructor, Kelly E. Keough. I teach from professional training and spiritual experience.  Learn to access the ancient wisdom of shamanic dreaming and intuitive reading. 


I listen to your dreams, offer interpretations, tell my dream stories, offer dream tips, and answer your dream questions so you can harness your creative power to become more of your true self. Episodes include dream interpretations and intuitive lessons to come your own dream medium.

Created and hosted by Kelly E. Keough

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That's me 12 years ago. My dreams keep me young at heart. I want the same for you. And I want you to know what dreams are made of and which ones to follow.

"Dreams organize themselves by the FUTURE."


You have more precognitive dreams than you realize. Listen to the Dream Diva podcast and discover the truth about what your dream wants you to know.

With 35 years of conscious and active dreaming research, Kelly guides you step-by-step to develop your critical thinking skills, higher sensory perception, and ability to take action to manifest the right dreams for you.

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Help us explore the vastness of our collective dream as we engage our hearts in dream play and replay for deeper meaning, dream mediumship, symbolism, the art of intuition, Jungian dream analysis, active dreaming, precognitive dreams, getting guidance on career and health, dream travel, dream lovers, beauty sleep, telepathic desire, astral projection, dream doubles, psychic development, Celtic shamanism, releasing karma, clearing ego, receiving guidance from spirit teachers, and how to protect your dream body while you sleep. 

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Time drops in decay 

Like a candle burnt out, 

And the mountains and woods 

Have their day, have their day; 

But, kindly old rout 

Of the fire-born moods, 

You pass not away.

W.B. Yeats (1865-1939)

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