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Hi, I’m Kelly and I am a Spiritual Coach and Dream Teacher. I am a screenwriter, expert self-help author and award-winning podcaster.  My mission is to help people be self-empowered by having the knowledge and support to use their spiritual gifts, intuitive abilities, and creative talents, so that they feel the guidance and courage to follow their heart’s goals and dreams.​ Read more...


In my upcoming podcast, THE PSYCHIC DIET...

I will be teaching lessons on how to start taking action to open your third eye, improve psychic abilities, and tap into your heart's intuition for true guidance and transformation.


As an expert healthy chef, I will be sharing food recipes and spiritual tools, like dreaming and meditation to strengthen the physical heart and open the heart's intuitive field.

Learn how to eat to be intuitive, have a vision for your life, and feel totally self-empowered. Coming soon!


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Intuitive Teaching


What I do

I help people grow their psychic abilities so that they can:

  • Be connected to their best spiritual guidance.

  • Have the confidence to receive intuitive problem-solving answers. 

  • Feel the courage to follow their heart’s goals and dreams.

How I do it


As a spiritual coach and dream teacher, I help you connect to who you truly are. As I work with you to change/re-direct/navigate your life, uncover your desires, take steps towards your goals, and achieve your dreams. I will help you bust limiting beliefs and remove roadblocks to discovering your gifts and talents.

Moving deeper, I help you understand yourself. I want you to follow your heart’s authentic path in the world. Within a safe environment to explore beliefs and lived experiences, I use spiritual tools to encourage you to tap into your inner wisdom, intuition, and sensory perception. I help you gain clarity and knowing, healing and resilience.


Ultimately, I guide you to discover your spiritual compass by directing your heart’s energy to flow True North. I will act as an intuitive guide to nurture your self-trust and compassion to expand your consciousness in the highest and best way for you.


What’s exciting about THE PSYCHIC DIET is that if you change your food, you can transform your life.


By making small changes in eating and food choices, you can naturally grow your psychic abilities to be connected to your best spiritual guidance, have the highest intuitive problem-solving answers, and feel the courage to follow your heart’s creative goals and dreams.


Coming soon!

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Help us explore the vastness of our collective dream as we engage our hearts in dream play and replay for deeper meaning, dream mediumship, symbolism, the art of intuition, Jungian dream analysis, active dreaming, precognitive dreams, getting guidance on career and health, dream travel, dream lovers, beauty sleep, telepathic desire, astral projection, dream doubles, psychic development, Celtic shamanism, releasing karma, clearing ego, receiving guidance from spirit teachers, and how to protect your dream body while you sleep. 

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