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Hi, I’m Kelly and I am a certified Dream Teacher through the renown dream expert and author, Robert Moss. I am a screenwriter, expert self-help author and award-winning podcaster.  My mission is to help you help you discover the potential for transformation and creativity by igniting your dreaming intuition.​ Read more...

Intuitive Teaching +


What I do

I help people grow their creative dreaming and intuitive abilities so that they can:

  • Positively imagine and manifest better health, finances, career, and relationships.

  • Become happy, optimistic, hopeful, and inspired about their future prospects.

  • Focus, concentrate, and create their best lives, relationships, and projects.

  • Increase memory, critical thinking and discernment to make best choices.

  • Have the confidence to receive intuitive solutions and solve problems. 

  • Feel the courage to follow their heart’s goals and dreams.

  • Increase intuition for creative potential for writing and art projects.

How I do it


As a creative intuitive dream teacher, I use the following tools:

  • Journaling, creative writing, screenwriting, and novel writing.

  • Meditation, creative visualization, and positive affirmations.

  • Dream intentions, synchronicity, dream interpretation, and dream re-entry.

  • BrainTap brain entrainment sound and light exercises for neuroplasticity.

  • Power statements and power animals.

  • Clearing shadow and strengthening light body techniques.

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Help us explore the vastness of our collective dream as we engage our hearts in dream play and replay for deeper meaning, dream mediumship, symbolism, the art of intuition, Jungian dream analysis, active dreaming, precognitive dreams, getting guidance on career and health, dream travel, dream lovers, beauty sleep, telepathic desire, astral projection, dream doubles, psychic development, Celtic shamanism, releasing karma, clearing ego, receiving guidance from spirit teachers, and how to protect your dream body while you sleep. 

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