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Kelly E. Keough: Writer/Producer














Kelly E. Keough is an accomplished academic and multi-talented individual with a diverse background in screenwriting, podcasting, communication, video and radio production, and web content creation. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting from The American Film Institute in Los Angeles.


Kelly's screenwriting goals are to write and produce uplifting films and TV in the family film genre. Her podcasting and book-writing goals are to produce exciting self-help content teaching people how to be psychic and to follow their creative dreams.


As a certified spiritual coach and dream teacher, Kelly's podcast, "The Dream Diva: Unlock Your Dream Power," has garnered acclaim and received the Silver Winning COVR Visionary Award in Radio and Podcasting in June 2022. The podcast showcases Kelly's versatile storytelling skills, positive talk, spirituality, supernatural phenomena, self-development, and self-empowerment.


As a healthy cooking pioneer and self-help expert, Kelly is the USA's first published sugar-free/gluten cookbook author. As a chef, cookbook author, and TV showrunner, she hosted her globally broadcasted healthy cooking series, "The Sweet Truth," and collaborated with top international health food companies and celebrities.


Kelly worked on renowned film sets alongside notable personalities. She collaborated with Jack Black on the set of "Tenacious D, Pick of Destiny," where she gained valuable insights into comedy and music. Additionally, she had the honor of working alongside Gene Simmons of KISS on the popular reality TV show "Family Jewels" and serving as Martin Lawrence's personal chef during the filming of "Big Momma's House 2." Her exceptional culinary skills and professionalism have made her an invaluable asset in the industry.


Kelly has been recognized, earning accolades such as the Top 100 Emerging Screenwriting Contest award for her feature film "Girl Squad" and the Prism Generation Next Fellowship Writing Award for TV Sitcom Writing. 


As an experienced professor of TV screenwriting courses at Emerson College and podcasting courses at Tufts University, she has taught hands-on, team-based multimedia projects with a positive societal impact using Premiere Pro and Audition.

Kelly's Certifications:

Dream Teacher

Spiritual Life Coaching

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  • Podcast Producer 

  • Screenwriter of Fantasy/Family

  • Reality TV Writer/Host/Producer

  • Self-Help Expert

  • Sugar-free/Gluten-free Cookbook Author

  • Certified Spiritual Coach

  • Certified Dream Teacher 

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