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Kelly 2022

Hi, I'm Kelly E. Keough, a certified dream instructor, skilled in guiding you to become a big dreamer and a dream medium.


During these drastic times, I want to help you capture your dreams in the hopes of believing in the power of magic again. \

"I want to help you discover your life purpose, improve your relationships, and build your intuitive skills."

The DREAM DIVA podcast promises to teach you to become a big dreamer and take you from a dream wisher to a dream believer.


By exploring dream interpretation, consciousness, and society using a synthesis of dreamwork, shamanism, and higher sensory perception that Kelly calls "movies in your mind," she will interpret your dreams and engage in conversations with leading innovators in the world of dreams.

"The DREAM DIVA Podcast recognizes that the only experts on dreams are the dreamers themselves."  READ MORE>

My Story

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As a storyteller, she used the power of dreams to heal her 40-year old sugar addiction by pioneering the sugar-free/gluten-free movement as an expert healthy chef in the 2000's in Hollywood.






But before Kelly was a professional educator and media writer/producer, she gigged as a psychic, a palm reader, and a tarot reader. Tracee Dunblazier, shamanic healer and spiritual self-help author of CONQUERING YOUR KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS, was the first person to hire Kelly in Los Angeles where they gave intuitive readings to TV and film exec's futures. Check out Kelly's interview with Tracee in episode 4: Heal Karma with Your Dreams.

"The Dream Diva podcast is a master class that teaches you how to reconnect with your Higher Dream Spirit Self to magnetize your highest and best dreams into reality."

Services and products beyond the podcast include in-person intuitive readings and dream interpretations, as well as downloadable digital courses in the art of intuitive dreaming.


Kelly is trained in the following shamanic dream practices:

  • Opening and Maintaining Sacred Space

  • Creating and Leading Dream Circles

  • Raising Group Energy

  • Dream Journaling

  • Dream Sharing and the Lightning Dreamwork process

  • Dream Re-entry and Tracking

  • Working with Early Warning and Precognitive Dreams

  • Working with Dreams of the Departed

  • Dreaming with Spiritual Guides

  • Healing through Dreams

  • Creative Dreamplay

  • Drawing, writing, storytelling, performance from dreams

  • Time Management

  • Leadership – Communication and Effective Self-Definition

  • Ethics and responsibilities of Dream Teachers

Learn more about Kelly's background and healthy courses on or at

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Kelly received her MFA in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, CA.

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Kelly then turned from a reality TV host and screenwriter to a college professor teaching writing and media communication. After a decisive decade in higher education teaching screenwriting at Emerson College and podcasting at Tufts University, Kelly is now combining her 35 years of leadership, teaching, and dreaming expertise to be global dream teacher in 2022 and beyond.


I'm always looking for new and fun opportunities. Let's connect. I would love to hear your dreams so you can have them interpreted on the Dream Diva podcast! Here's to dreaming a better life!

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