Build intuitive skills - improve relationships - discover life purpose
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Hello! I'm Kelly.

And it's time to dream again.

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That's me today.


I created The Dream Diva Podcast because I want you to live a better life, be your own best intuitive guide, love your dreams again, and be beautiful. 

I've been a teacher for 35+ years, and I am self-help expert in healing sugar addiction with amazing sugar-free/gluten-free and vegan recipes. Check out my courses at and cookbooks on Amazon.


"During these drastic times, I want to help you capture your dreams in the hopes of believing in the power of magic again."

Science can capture the sleep cycle and write it down in peer-reviewed journals, but it cannot contain the stuff of big dreams: recognition, recurring dreams, astral projection, night attacks, and the knowledge we can access that's not found in books.

If you are a big dreamer, you have the power to dream, know, and act on your best guidance.

Oh, you’re still reading? Really? Awesome...

Okay, well... a little more about me...I had a dream where I weighed less than a thousandth of a gram.

I was like 0mg!

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I want your dream interpreted on my show!

Email me at:

info @ the dream diva dot com

Send me your dream...I will let you know if I select your dream to be on the next episode!

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