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Hi! I'm Kelly E. Keough

Unlock Your Dream Power with me! 


I'm a Spiritual Health and Dream Coach. As a career-focused self-help expert in sugar-free eating, I am a sfgf/vegan cookbook author, reality TV host/creator, podcaster, college educator, dream teacher, and yes! a psychic. 


I am the creator of The Dream Big Method


I help spiritual women like myself develop intuitive abilities, conquer food and sugar addiction, and dare to dream big so they can manifest their big dreams. 

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Next class March 8, 2023

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The winner announced March 1st on Insta

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Like the mermaid, my personal dream muse, I am constantly transforming, reaching for my soul’s desire, mission, and personal God-Soverign-Free guidance. I know how to receive my next move to manifest my next big dream. I always get my answers. And the healthier I am, the clearer my messages. I have my own psychic diet, and I want to share it with you.

I love nothing more than helping women take stock of their advantage to see their bright future and to build a creative plan to manifest their soul’s calling through intuition and dreaming.  

If you want help to creatively connect to your heart and transform your passion into a daily purpose, listen to my monthly podcast, or sign up for my new course HERE.

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Help us explore the vastness of our collective dream as we engage our hearts in dream play and replay for deeper meaning, dream mediumship, symbolism, the art of intuition, Jungian dream analysis, active dreaming, precognitive dreams, getting guidance on career and health, dream travel, dream lovers, beauty sleep, telepathic desire, astral projection, dream doubles, psychic development, Celtic shamanism, releasing karma, clearing ego, receiving guidance from spirit teachers, and how to protect your dream body while you sleep. 

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