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Coming soon to the Dream Diva Store:
*Lives Where I Will Offer Dream Interpretations 
*Lives Where I Will Offer Dream Circles
*Shamanic Dreaming Lessons to Develop your Dream Practice
*Intuitive Reading Sessions
*Detailed, Pick A Card Mermaid Tarot Readings
*Free Lives Where I Will Answer Your Questions



Have you had a precognitive dream about cryptocurrency that came true? Met a dream lover who wished was real? Or had a dream visitation from a deceased loved one? 

Tune in and learn how to use shamanic dreaming and intuitive reading to help you access the highest and best messages from your dreams. 

​The Dream Diva store is where I offer YOU exclusive lessons on shamanic dreaming, how to do intuitive readings, and becoming your own dream medium. As a self-help expert, I teach from professional training and experience. I will also offer products and how-to videos.

I will offer dream interpretations, hold dream circles, teach through dream stories, offer shamanic dream journeying lessons, post meditations, and answer your dream questions. I hope to help you harness your creative dream power to manifest your true self. My podcast and video content include exclusive behind-the-scenes of my psychic development as a dream medium. We will meet in private sessions and online.

 I  am your dream medium, Kelly E. Keough, producer and host of THE DREAM DIVA PODCAST. I created my show to teach shamanic dreaming and offer intuitive readings. I help listeners develop their highest and best intuitive skills so that they can live a better life. Teaching from my professional training and own experience, I hold an MFA in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. As the first published sugar-free/gluten-free cookbook author in the U.S., I’m also a self-help expert in the reality cooking TV space. I tell listeners what works and what doesn't work. Now, as a certified dream instructor, I share everything I know about self-transformation so that my audience will have success. Always interested in the intuitive arts, I worked in Hollywood as a tarot and palm reader in the 2000s. As a media entrepreneur, I collaborated with Whole Foods Markets producing successful cooking events for international clients such as Nativats Naturals, Vega, Bob’s Red Mill, Swerve, and Sweet Leaf Stevia. My favorite gig as a celebrity chef was preparing raw vegan chocolate hemp truffles on set for Jack Black, Gene Simmons of Kiss, Martin Lawrence, and Kirstie Alley. Currently, as a college instructor, I teach Podcasting at Tufts University and Writing for Television at Emerson College in Boston. Find out more at www.thedreamdiva.com. 

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