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Your Intuitive Session includes: 

  • Intuitive Reading

  • Shamanic Dream Mediumship 

  • Spiritual Development

  • No availability on my calendar on Square Up? Email me for more information: info @ the dream diva . com


Intuitive Reading 

Engage with Kelly in a fast-paced conversation of intuitive wisdom using Mermaid Cards and a pendulum. Get answers to your "what you want to know here and now." Receive guidance on further devloping your own psychic and intuitive abilities. 

Shamanic Dream Mediumship

Gain guidance from your dream, visions, and synchronistic symbolism. Interpret messages from your spirit guides and spirit animals. Connect with your dream ancestors for personal safety and comfort. Bring a dream for Kelly to interpret, and with permission, Kelly performs dream re-entry to gain insight and messages from your dreams. Don't have a dream? Kelly will dream journey and bring you a dream to act on.


Spiritual Development
and Guidance

Learn insights about your true divinity and soul direction. Understand how to align with your true destiny. Receive guidance on how to act upon and pursue your heart's purpose. Discuss your spiritual practices and learn how to develop your higher sensory perception for spiritual protection and self-empowerment.

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