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Your Dream Soul Coaching includes: 


  • 12-Week Group Coaching Package

  • Intuitive Reading and Action Plan

  • Intuitive Training and Practice 

  • Spiritual Development and Guidance

If you cannot find space on my calendar on Square Up?

Please email me for more information: info @ the dream diva . com


Intuitive Reading 

Using healthy food, dreams, spiritual tools, and guidance, I coach you to develop a plan to live your passions by developing your psychic abilities. I also use my intuition to guide and teach you how to develop advanced higher sensory perception. And for those who seek transformation, you will see your old life in the past and see your new life as a new beginning. A new chapter. A new adventure.


Intuitive Training

Your mindset and emotions will be supported to witness the old issues healing quickly. You’ll learn to use your spiritual and creative gifts to transform your life and point your spiritual direction to True North.


Spiritual Development
and Guidance

True North is the embodiment of the greater you that is aligned and connected to all that is God and is the source of Oneness. The ability to cultivate sustainable and positive transformation is here and is coming more strongly. I will guide you to align with Truth North so that you can live your dreams, do what you love, and let the universe support you. Now is the time to motivate yourself beyond magical thinking and take real action on your dreams and goals.

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